Beautiful horses breeds

The horse is one of the most majestic animals since the ancient times and is characterized by its type, purpose and most importantly, its breed. Over the years, different types of horses have emerged mainly through cross breeding to provide unique services such as racing and working and in the process producing some of the most beautiful animals ever seen. Some of these stallions include breeds like Bashkir Curly, Akhal-Teke, The Golden Akhal Teke, and the Appaloosa hybrid among others.


Best horses for races and dressage

The Alkal-Teke is well known for its unique and incredible metallic sheen coat that is combined with other delicate features earning it the “supermodel” nickname. Research shows that this mare first originated in Turkmenistan where it was mainly used to cross the vast arid landscape of the country due to its hardiness and high endurance. In today’s world, its athleticism and hardiness have made it the ideal stallion for endurance and jumping races and dressage. Other features that have made it stunning among its kind is the unique colors on its coat which range from Perlino, buckskin, and palomino.

black horse

Cute looking stallions

The Bashkir Curly is another unique and beautiful equestrian animal that is admired for its poodle like skin and the extra-long curling hair which is mainly noticeable during the winter. They often come in different variety of sizes ranging from draft to miniature and in varying unique colors, but all have a similar gene that gives their hair the curly appearance. Similarly to their coloring and sizes, the Bashkir Curly mare has a varying amount of curl ranging from little curl in the fetlocks and mane to curly eyelashes and tight curls all over making them more attractive.

In addition to the named horse breeds, there are many others across the world with each having their own characteristics and traits and it is therefore important for one to enhance their knowledge before making a choice.